The term is Artist, not Art Monkey!


(borrowed the pic from the internet so i linked it as well.)

My dear Artist Friends,

This time I have hatched a SUPER fun idea.  The NOT AN ART MONKEY project (the name can be improved, I realize).  Basically this is a way to facilitate the way business is done, as well as make some loot for your hard work.  Here’s the gist:

Printer: >>> many options, go buck wild and come up with your plan.  One item like a shirt or hoodie, or more design based on a variety of items (hoodie, tshirt, tanktop).  I’ve done both ways and the one item worked better but who am I to judge? Do what you want.  They ship FOR FREE domestically and to individual addresses, which is awesome.

Design: Whatever you can imagine to bring the point across that artists are not art monkeys. No limits.  No annoying client telling you to make changes.  Use your best judgement if it can be printed on a shirt/hoodie.  You guys should have a general idea, or you can send an email and get specific advice on whether your idea will work logistically.

Minimum Order:  Last I checked it was 18 prints on whatever apparel I mentioned above.  Basically, I was thinking to show online all the info as far as how many orders each design has, and how many more to the minimum.  Not sure if crowd funding may be the answer but let’s figure it out. No one should have to pay if the min is not reached.

The Cut:  Let’s say the total cost is $20.  Add $2 so no matter what, the artist and I get a dollar (cuz it was my idea).  The rest is voluntary mark-up.  The client decides what goes to the artists.  You can read more about voluntary markups  and see some actual numbers from the hoodie runs on my SHOP page.

But what is the artist split?  You decide.  How much do you value it?  What is fair to give me for putting this together and what is fair to pay yourself for the artwork?  You decide.  We can make it anonymous but all the numbers should be made public.  We will show the world another way to do business.

Seems like this type of thing will catch on in artistic circles, if nothing else.  It’s basically for us.  hehehehe

Participation – by personal choice.  There is no deciding who may or may not participate.  Everyone may participate. Please comment in this post and you will be contacted.



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