Throwback: Chronicles of Lucky Lucy – ARTHSLR

Before Lucky Lucy van Delft, I was ARTHSLR with my own pop-up gallery in LA for 3 years.


There may be a possibility at some point I will unleash the whole history of my art hustling life before graffiti.  Until then, here is a sneak peek into the throes of my former life.


Above says “HSLR” which doesn’t look like much, but it was painted within the first ten minutes of me ever painting lines with spraypaint in 2005, in Pueblo, CO.


Thanks especially to all my long time supporters who actually witnessed the art hustle live and direct in LA and cared enough to stay in touch. I’m really proud what some of my fellow art hustlers back in the day have now achieved. No names.

I wouldn’t have wanted any other path than being who I am today. It’s about time to bring it all together to the surface and let everyone know my history. Art hustle til the day I die. Just now in a whole different paradigm.

Hope you guys like it. Don’t be scared to comment and/or share. Ask any pertinent questions.



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