The prints have arrived!!! Merry Christmas to me!

There are certain goals in my life that suffered setbacks in timing due to moving to the Netherlands in 2012 and starting over.  One of these goals was the realization of getting professional quality graphic design work done to present a seamless photo of my masterpiece wall, “IF DALI WROTE GRAFFITI”.  Ten glorious weeks were spent painting this wall inside the loading dock of Crawford Steel in Chicago before I moved in 2012.

Right in time for Christmas, the prints finally arrived yesterday!!!  Yayyyyyyyyyyy!


The first setback was the fact that somehow, in the process of being distracted by the move, I failed to have high resolution photos of each panel.  What especially drove me crazy, and I mean losing sleep at night, was not having a high-resolution photo of my 3D Lucy piece.  Luckily a photographer in Chicago (Susanne Peters – saved the project by taking the final shots needed to continue in the production of prints.



Thank you to all my friends, family and supporters for your continued enthusiasm.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and GELUKKIG NIEUW JAARRRR!!!  (happy new year)

Much love,





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