Garden Life is heating up!

The heat wave is coming to an abrupt halt but major progress was made in the garden.  I’ve done approximately 250 “plantings” which can mean a single seed in a container, row of seeds, container with more than one seed, or transplant, which is tracked in my ridiculous spreadsheet.

Shortly I will make a new sketch with the appropriate adjustments to make depending on availability of supplies.  One major change is replacing the curved infrastructure on top with a pole based more “90 degree angle” based structure with trellises.  Shortly there will be an anti-everything net considering there will be mad delicious things to eat.  The birds reek havoc in the general garden here.


Planter #1 – Sun  Formation – double-stacked, subirrigated, 100 x 120 x 40cm – Chives, leeks (this is where the stubbies get planted), beets, Red Russian Kale, and shortly garlic in sun formation of decorative stones.

Planter #2 – Broccoli Planter – double-stacked, subirrigated, 100 x 120 x 40cm – Getting an overhaul due to build up sand under the drainage.  I let this one sit too long waiting for compost and got distracted with smaller planters.

Planter #3 – Sandy Soil Planter – single-layer, no subirrigation, 80 x 120 x 20cm.  This is turning into an artistically arranged assortment of interesting, mostly native and perennial plants.

Planter #4 – Strawberry Planter – single-layer, subirrigated, 80 x 120 x 20cm strawberry based planter with borage and future bush bean companion plantings – this one is still being adjusted, adding a right elevated side soon.  The borage is going to maybe make a comeback since I just planted it.


Planter #5 – Lettuce Planter – single-layer, subirrigated, 80 x 120 x 20cm, lettuce based planter.  Lil Gem Mini Lettuce Heads, Wrinkled Crinkled Cress (just planted), Cilantro, Indian Dhannat Cilantro, Red Torpedo Onions, june-blooming Sonata organic Strawberry, Marigolds, future Purple Ruffle Basil in warmer weather and another elevated area.

Planter #6 – Carrot Spiral – double-stacked, subirrigated, 100 x 120 x 20cm, carrot-esque and rosemary topiary based planter.  Cosmic Purple Carrots, Hallow Crown Parsnips, Winter Carrots (fat), leeks, flagpole scallions, marigolds, red torpedo onions.

Planter #7 – Tomato Planter –  not built yet

Planter #8 – Organic Waltham Butternut Squash and Bean Planter – double-stacked, subirrigated, 100 x 120 x 20cm, with the main focus being a huge future squash in the middle. This one is not complete yet.  So far it has Little Miracle Mini Peas, Organic Broad Windsor Fava Beans, Green Wave Mustard, Royal Burgundy Bush (just planted), maybe a hint of yarrow seeds, and chamomile (just planted).

Planter #9 – Lemon Cucumber and Beans – not built yet.

A – F – straw bales – haven’t started yet.

G – greenhouse – Lemon cucumber, Organic Burpless Muncher cucumbers, purple pole beans, parsley, passion flower, one tiny basil transplant surviving.  Next to the greenhouse I planted my 4 tiny broccoli starts from the seeds I planted at home when it was cold out.

Thanks for reading about The Garden of Destiny.  I plan to have a lot of extra food to share.  To those who want to support financially, I do have an online store

It is already turning into a great season.  Thanks to my new garden friends.

Much love,


Lucky Lucy van Delft


all the pics lately: Garden of Destiny – Engineering




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