Pencil is a magical tool.



My dear interweb friends!  Perhaps some have noticed my absence from the social networks lately.  It was a test as to whether my productivity was hindered by it.  Indeed it was and no more!  Here are some of the fruits of my labor.  There are a bit garish filters on the pencil drawings because then I can use them for reference to paint easier with enhanced contrasts.  In the fancy 3D Delft – the letters are not perfectly spaced now, but of course is easy to correct on the wall. That’s why it is reference sketch and not a tattoo design. Please no one get this tattooed on them with incorrect spacing!!!

***These are works in progress!

It has been exceedingly satisfying to be covered again in  dirty, grey pencil dust, working well into the night.

Someone recently asked me about the use of pencil.  There really is no comparison the effects one can create with a pencil.  The darks, the lights, the softness, the hard lines, the smearing, erasing.  I just really love it because it feels good.  My colors when I paint are pretty much blue tones for Delft with white, black and a host of grey shades.  It is all about the light source in the painting ultimately.






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