Most Popular Photo in my Flickr page!

Recreating famous works is a passion of mine just because challenges are fun.  Normally I prefer to use spray paint, but for this tiny little wood panel — acrylic paint with brushes.  This painting was BY FAR the most difficult one I personally ever attempted and took many hours to paint.  Of course, I am highly aware that it doesn’t really look like the real thing, but it was the closest I could get.  Portraits are not my specialty and there were zero attempts made to use the same materials.  Noses are, in my opinion, the most difficult thing in the world to represent with accuracy in paint.  It took some courage initially to even leave this photo public in my Flickr album because it is not spot-on accurate in my eyes; in the interest of sharing my many sides as an artist I did.

The real one has a more round shaped head, but the funny thing is that long-shaped noggins run in my family so this portrait looks like it could be a relative.  It made me feel fantastic though, when my Flickr stats showed a front runner photo and it was this painting.

This wood panel was painted for my Mom in 2009 for her Christmas present because in 2008 I had been so inspired by the piece.  The year before (2008), my grandmother was ill so I journeyed to the Netherlands twice in that year to visit her.  My experience in the Mauritshuis Gallery (Den Haag) that year changed my perspective in life.  It was mind blowing to realize the amount of talent that this tiny geographic region had produced over the years.

Indeed I AM a Dutch Painter and my life would be incomplete and insufficient if I did not experience life in the Netherlands in that function.  My plan was to walk the same streets, be inspired by the same skies, lighting, clouds and landscapes as my predecessors.  This enigmatic little girl changed my life forever so I moved back and eventually ended up in Delft.

Thanks Vermeer!




(below – an aerosol one-day quickie at Binkhorst Tunnel, Den Haag 2012)



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