Tot Ons Genoegen


Summer 2016, I went with a friend from our community garden to a HUGE garden complex, “Tot Ons Genoegen”, that has been around for many years.  Sadly, it was slated for demolition this past summer and no longer exists.  Nevertheless, it completely fascinated me with the surreal landscapes, hence all the photos.  It was an oversight not to have the slideshow included earlier in my Projects section.


Here is my album of photos, as well as the 19.45 minute >>>>> slideshow I put together (a first and only draft type of thing).  The garden complex people were already very busy with their new garden and their reaction was delayed before I could document the last rows.  My battery had died.  They have moved on to their new plots but emailed back that they really enjoyed the presentation.


It really was a spectacular place and it will always stay alive in my memory.  What a heartbreak to know it ultimately wasn’t able to last forever with all the love and work that invested.  It is a good lesson in not getting too attached to one garden plot.

Much respect to the passionate gardeners that gave it their all. ♥

♥ Rest In Paradise Oh Lovely Gardens ♥

Thank you.

Update 2019 These photos finally got some more action! I made  a >>>>>photobook<<<< and also displayed them as part of the International Women’s Week art exhibition in de Wending community center in Delft. Thanks to Mamy Sawa from Stichting Misa for inviting me.



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