Paint on bricks? Yes!

Delft is an extremely old city.  That being said, bricks are kind of a thing here.  One would almost think that builders have been required to use it since the beginning of civilization through today, there is so much.

Daunting tasks typically get less intimidating by studying the issue at hand. Painting intricate murals on brick seems like a crazy idea to most people, myself included initially.  An artistic perspective regarding painting murals on bricks brings mostly logistical issues to consider, such as quality of the lines, paint saturation, durability, etc. A quick image search has revealed clearly it IS possible to utilize brick walls to improve the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding area.

I accept this brick challenge and look forward to pushing some boundaries in this department.  Lucy Paints Delft is the name of the entire project which focuses on local murals based on Dutch and Delft themes; basically an expression of my love for both. Currently, this project is in the development and permission stages.

Examples/Ideas – Lucy Paints Delft image search of murals painted on brick:


Baksteen is the common dutch word for brick and belongs to a long list of words that I have learned or relearned since reintegrating in 2012 (along with the dutch words for shoelace, broom, resume, etc.)  Funny that the Middle Dutch word would be bricke.

Wikipedia has an extensive page dedicated to dutch brick.

“The word “brick” may be of Dutch origin.[1][2]  (Wikipedia)

Collins Dictionary says it originated “from Old French brique, from Middle Dutch bricke; related to Middle Low German brike, Old English brecan to break.”


Just as an example  – This is my #1 favorite brick wall in Delft with a mockup of my #1 favorite theme to paint upon said wall (Vermeer’s neighborly painting, “The Little Street” at the corner of Achterom in Delft.)  Other locations in Delft would certainly be considered.

Blue-tinted. picture-perfect streetscape themes (photos by me).

Links to photos in search:

mtn mural on brick wall.JPG (JPEG Image, 1600 × 1200 pixels) – Scaled (51%)

busywagons.PNG (PNG Image, 578 × 348 pixels)

painting-murals-on-brick-walls-i11.jpg (JPEG Image, 400 × 300 pixels)

Brick-Wall-Mural3.jpg (JPEG Image, 550 × 392 pixels)

mural-graffiti-drawing-3515343-o.jpg (JPEG Image, 3888 × 2592 pixels) – Scaled (23%)

brick-lane-mural.jpg (JPEG Image, 950 × 659 pixels) – Scaled (92%)

2552394_b13a120f.jpg (JPEG Image, 480 × 640 pixels) – Scaled (95%)

WENGER__003_cover_0.jpg (JPEG Image, 835 × 500 pixels)

16d59fa8640fd3e1c4298bcbda8589ec.jpg (JPEG Image, 736 × 414 pixels)

4736127865_ae15dbdfdc_z.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 427 pixels)

8f10bab449f5fb4a2d93ab87327fc5e9.jpg (JPEG Image, 522 × 392 pixels)


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