Technically, a Snow Day* is one where all the schools are closed but it is Saturday anyways and there was a dusting of snow, not piles.  But who cares!  SNOW!  And new albums for 2017:

.17 Garden of Destiny: Plant Fam

.17 PROEFtuin Delft

* Snow Day is one of my favorite kid movies, Hugo being the other one.

This is the first time I have personally witnessed the PROEFtuin with a nice layer of snow for some shimmery winter pics. Just because it is freezing, does NOT mean that there is nothing going on in our double-wide Delft garden.  The greenhouse is almost full with various cold hardy plants, one being a square of organic Red Cabernet Lettuce, which I grew this summer, harvested seeds and went for round two.  We also have a very enthusiastic Chinese couple who have the best production by far.  They have quite a lot growing in the greenhouse and elsewhere.

Clearly the raised sub-irrigated planter systems retains some heat because many plants seemingly survived -4 or -5 this past week. A shining achievement is the organic Indian Dhannat Cilantro, which is supposedly rare and came from Sustainable Seed Co. in Chico, CA, just like the initial lettuce seeds.  I could not really get it to grow much until this colder weather.  It looks perfectly satisfied and happy as a baby cilantro can be in snow.  The other front runner of usable herbs is surprisingly the flat and curly parsley.  Pretty sure those would be dead by now usually.  I also have some white-ribbed green chard, cress, wrinkled crinkled cress (albeit tiny), red cabernet lettuce, thyme, miner’s lettuce that crept over from my neighbor in the strawberries, garlic, leeks, and an ironically named organic “Early Sprout Purple Broccoli” that doesn’t bloom but I eat the leaves.  The passion flower vine wrapped around the dead apple tree looks pretty vibrant still too surprisingly considering that it more a warm weather lover.  The Garden of Destiny still has enough winter action to stop by and get a little greenery to use in the kitchen every week if I choose…

…All available still in the beginning of January after a hard freeze and snow. Oh so satisfying.


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