Chronicles 2014: MOS Magdeburg

This post is ultra sizzling hot as it is a treasure trove of hundreds of my personal never-before-posted photos from the Meeting of Styles 2014 in Magdeburg, Germany.

The Treasure Trove is here.

I was able to talk one of my coworkers at the time to join me as much valued copilot on the journey, because the location is quite deep in Germany.  The reason I waited so long to post these pics is because, (and I’m using the most authentic applicable phrase possible)…

“…we were ballin’ hard”.

The historical Herrenkrug Hotel was going through some renovations so the price was actually doable. They were by far the best suited logistically, as it was the closest place just over a bridge. Looking back, we actually lucked out that the on-site sleeping quarters were full but I really did not want to throw it in people’s faces all boastful at the time regarding our good fortune.  There were quite a few seriously hardcore artists that were pretty much forgoing all creature comforts to travel and participate in MOS events.  Those are the ones deserving respect; for those are the ones outside their comfort zone following the artistic flow.  I have done it, but was extremely satisfied with not suffering this time as well.  My traveling companion would have been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Random LL1 trivia:  This hotel inspired the Lucy Nouveau theme.

As far as my part of the event:  it is truthfully one of the top 3  ugliest pieces I have ever done.  I prefer solo, not group walls, for a myriad of reasons.  However, one would really need to be an extreme sourpuss to cry later sitting  in a Turkish steam room, with a full bar available in the evenings.  The photos of my embarrassing piece are public but buried in this albumHehehehe.  What I really wanted to do is post everyone else’s walls because it is a waste not to.

The Aerosol Arena is the most fantastic graffiti hall of fame I ever imagined possible.    It would be a dream come true to have access to something of this caliber in Delft, if possible.  It is nothing less than a modern Art Destination of epic proportions and going back on my own time is certainly a lingering thought.

Shoutouts:  Thanks Joris!  Also to James Shields.  Here is an article I found about him with a downloadable hiphop coloring book.  He had traveled over from the USA and is a prime example of a Most Honest, Legit, Standup type of person that can exist in the world today, in addition to being quite inspirational.  His tag line is “Creators Gone Create”.   Also to the other MOS artists – nice seeing some familiar faces and spectacular art.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Love, Lucy


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