What? LLvD in Prinsenhof Museum in March?

Yes, yes, you read right, a museum!

I am part of an interesting collective project, “Bord voor je hof”.  Local artist Olav Slingerland has organized workshops where people contributed by each creating a design mold for a plate, which is part of a collection of plates, in the form of a large circle.  Neat idea!  Roughly translated the title is “Plate for your neighborhood”.

Of course, an overachiever like myself showed up completely prepared with a windmill drawing which was created the night before.  To save time last night, I used secret artist techniques instead of drawing it completely freehand.  The name of the windmill was not utilized because I thought it would be distracting if I ever wanted to purchase one and use the plate for food.  I just put some small initials instead for my own name.  Mirror image letters are not that fun to etch out is also why because it is completely counterintuitive.

What ended up being a hidden benefit, is the fact that now I have lots of old photos to inspire new artworks besides this plate project.  It really piqued my community spirit!

March 19th, 2017 – Opening (Van der Mandelezaal van museum Prinsenhof, Delft)

Exhibition runs through April 23, 2017.  FYI – This is the same museum where Vermeer’s painting, “The Little Street” was featured in 2016.  

Thanks to Olav Slingerland, Nathalie van der Hak (Gemeente Delft), and everyone involved in the workshop and kudos to the parents of all the quiet, little kiddies that participated.  The whole session was a pleasure.  I heart Delft.




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