Go tiny or go home!

Painting on very tiny or very large things is interesting to me, but not really the in-between sizes.

The most recent was painted yesterday and was inspired by old photos online of my neighborhood, which was part of personal research for a community art project.

>>>Tiny historic Delft neighborhood painted on a broken piece of pipe dug out of the dutch earth. (flickr album)


(above image from http://buitenwatersloot-delft.nl/)

>>2016 Mesdag theme painting on broken pipe piece. (flickr album)


>>>More paintings on random tiny things are in this album. (flickr)


Then there was also the Mesdag egg!  The most delicate canvas ever and a personal achievement in tiny painting.

I can’t even discuss the one that broke.

Thanks for reading my blog.




photo credit: Somethingextra.nl,
credit for clay artifacts:
Dug up by Danny Kikkert with his “pieper”.


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