Operation Vermeer Tunnel: Day 1 – Lucy & her luiwagen

IMG_20170309_115449144Today is a notable benchmark, as it marks the beginning of my first major project in the Netherlands, my Vermeer tunnel. This part is akin to the Karate Kid movie,

“wax on, wax off”.

The moss has to be removed first because it will stain the base coat. The friendly Dutch man who sold me the brush told me it has an old-fashioned name, luiwagen. Lui means lazy and wagen is a wagon, so it is a curious nickname. Scrubbing and being lazy are not really friends. So far, I managed to get a lot done on the right side of the long low wall, which is why it looks so clean in the photo. I even left my black gloves during lunch by accident and no one stole them. I love Delft. What’s funny is that the people passing by probably assume I am fulfilling a community service punishment. Why would someone be scrubbing a dirty graffiti tunnel? Haha

Location: Chico Mendes Tunnel, Tanthof West, Delft.

Finally my own painting playground! The plan is to rock three Vermeer paintings plus a graffiti spot for my 3D pieces. The biggest challenge is finding a boat to do the part on the right.

You have never seen anyone happier about riding a bike with a bucket and a luiwagen trekking to the far reaches of Delft.

Thanks to Sanne and the gemeente Delft, aka the city, for entrusting this place to me. I do not plan to disappoint.  Extra thanks to Geert from CLIP for sending my Delft potential mural locations video to the city. It worked!

I will be utilizing my Dali wall posters to offer an opportunity for people to donate to the project for paint.  Details coming soon.

Thanks for reading my blog.




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