Bord Voor Je Hof – Prinsenhof Museum

Thanks to Nathalie van der Hak and Angela Kok from Delfts Peil for organizing such an amazing neighborhood event. Olav Slingerland has obviously put in many hours as the artist handling all the ceramics. Well done!

Limited special orders are available of the plates. 🙂 Sign me up please for one windmill plate.

In one óf these photos, you can spot the mayor of Delft. She may be laughing at my friend trying to take a sneaky pic of her. Hehe. Your call. Kudos to the mayor for her bangin blue sassy suit she was rocking yesterday.

Thanks to Meryam for coming with, photos and delicious Boterhuis treats after.  Delft is starting to be quite fun. Delft love.

💘, Lucy


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