Rising up from the ashes…

…Like the Mighty Phoenix. Thanks to the Verbeek paint store in Delft (www.degoedkoopeverfwinkel.nl) and their willingness to be flexible on the terms for the background layer, the Vermeer Victory Tunnel is underway! I’m posting from my phone so this is staying short and sweet today. I got the “good shit” as far as paint so 10L was already insanely expensive. (Black and white = 20L). Recommended by BEYOND, de Vos paint (in Den Haag) breathable latex will hopefully help longevity in such a moist environment. Here are my mockups and some more photos…



Soon I will riding back and forth, all happy and loaded up with gear. At first it will be intimidating and then finally, I will have put a smackdown on those walls. Yesssssss.


Donations would be amazing. luckylucy1r at gmail dot com is my PayPal, or for local ones, just let me know. It’s like crowd funding a community project without all the extraneous red tape.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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