Happy Anniversary Johannes (& Catharina)!


April 5th, 2017 was the first active day of the tunnel runs now in progress. Every day since, I have made the effort of riding down there on my bike and at least accomplishing a little something. This day also happened to mark the anniversary of Vermeer to his beloved Catholic school girl, Catharina.  What a lovely tidbit of information to discover after the fact. ♥

The placement of the two paintings destined for the north wall (see photos below) solved itself because one of the walls is significantly taller than the other.


This week comprised of psyching myself up mentally by listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcasts about top performers and physically scrubbing the moss and spider webs.  This was intermingled with staring at the walls, imagining in my head how to arrange the elements of the production.  I looked up what the Vermeer studio looked like to be able to expand the paintings into a more complex 3D panorama, since it is a long tunnel with lots of wall space.  Part of the reason to force myself to go there often is to train myself in both mind and body. It is not that far a distance but it is an all encompassing type of project.

When I lived in Chicago, training myself was one of my favorite activities; bike riding, for example. One of my techniques would be to think of people doing much more difficult rides than the 16-20 miles between downtown and Oak Park.  I dredged deep into my wussy soul and upon comparing this distance to say — an entire continent — it really did not seem that intimidating anymore.  Proud to say that I did this ride at all random hours of the night, including pre-dawn and did not get shot.  In fact, nothing scary happened once as I was riding really fast down North Avenue on my black, ancient, steel Schwinn 10-speed,  whizzing by hookers, pimps, gangsters and crackies.  The one night I needed assistance, some random street kid helped me with my bike and hooked me up with some much-appreciated weed.  What was far scarier, hands down, was the Blue Line train, where I have inadvertently witnessed a robbery and someone shooting up between their toes.  As to the robbery, they were dressed like nice church people and I thought they were helping someone, not robbing him of his wallet, which was neatly sliced out of his pants as he slept.  I made a CTA person check on the guy to see if he was alive and then we figured out what happened.

Oculus Rift DK1 – Inside Vermeer’s Studio (1440p) link – 3D Vermeer studio review with walkaround.

Vermeer Research link – contents/inventory and blueprints of the Vermeer house by expert Drs. Kees Kaldenbach

Any challenging art project is immediately compared to Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel story and then it seems like nothing in comparison.  I can not even fathom the crankiness he had to overcome to have to put his beloved tomb project to the side and be forced to paint a ceiling, when he did not even consider himself a painter.  And then a fresco no less!!!!

Props to Michaelangelo for not punching the Pope in the face.

On the topic of painted ceilings…

Next – some preliminary placement sketches and fantasize what the tunnel ceiling is going to become. Vaulted ceilings? Clouds?

This is not Johannes and Catharina.
Luiwagen at Dusk by LLvD
Funny story – it took 6 pics before I figured out the yellow thing in the preview was not my yellow glove in front of the lens, but in fact, a yellow wall. In my defense, I am working with a shattered phone screen. Laughing at oneself is always good.


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