LL = Long and Low

LL is not always an abbreviation for Lucky Lucy.

Long low walls are one of the main challenges with this tunnel, and does not lend itself to interesting compositions without some thought behind it.   This part of the tunnel is one of the few that is not directly a Vermeer painting.  It is more like an imaginative extension of the “View of Delft” which would be outside the frame, looking down on a potentially imaginary canal connected to the harbor.  It IS however, somewhat historically correct as to what is featured in this long low wall.  More details on bleach fields etc. as the work progresses.

***This is only a computer-aided design sketch.***



In preparation for painting, so far I have scrubbed almost 100 meters (328 feet) of walls to free them of most of the moss and lichens.  The urge to spray paint has been building up to where one of these days it is just going to happen with wild abandon.  In Dutch they say, “helemaal los!”.  So yes. I will go helemaal los.

Riding my bike to the tunnel is great research, as I can study which plants are in bloom at this time of the year.  That way my painting will have more of an illusion of reality.  One of the “star” featured flowers is Queen Ann’s Lace.  Here is the wildest description online of a somewhat benign looking plant — http://www.flowersociety.org/queen-annes-lace-plant-study.html  Perhaps I took home a sample of poisonous hemlock to study and sketch.  Not really sure but I swear not to eat it.

Thanks for reading my blog.



Here is a musical interlude directly related to this post…

Beastie Boys – Slow and Low

Let it flow, let yourself go
Slow and low, that is the tempo
Let it flow, let yourself go
Slow and low, that is the tempo.


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