Presenting… “Vermeer” ala Lucy style

First the pics, then the text…







Contrast kicked up a notch.
Pure pencil glory. No filter.

I have not yet deleted duplicates so there are a ridiculous amount of pics, but >>>here is the whole progression in one album.  The progression ones are positioned last.

April 30th marks the date of the first pencil scratchings, so it took a little less than two weeks to complete (not including research). The intuition that these letters needed to be fancy was the spark with which it got underway. I put myself in Vermeer’s shoes and thought of what he would do.  It seemed totally feasible he would want to present a blingidy (and that is my most technical term for it) lighting extravaganza with the fanciest more traditional vibe of letters.  This is my rendition of his name with added ancient heraldic elements.

As far as colors — of course ultramarine*, his fanciest.  However, to make it next level, is it hyped it up with some woodgrain texture.  My favorite attribute of this piece,aside from the lighting, is already the future shiny inlay.  Gold?  Or silver?  This piece I will save for the very last, when my can control is at its peak.

Prints will be available.  Would you guys prefer a version like this you can color yourself?   Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading my blog.







< epic breakfast parfait


*Link to, a fantastic cumulative site that goes deeeeeep into Vermeer.


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