The Garden of Destiny is so freakin’ awesome, I forgot to post about it.

Initially, the thought was to have an end-of-the-season post about the Garden of Destiny, but in reality, there was no end of season.  It literally had things to offer straight through the first year and then onward into year 2.  Most of the nine planters are now in transition phase preparing for the hotter weather plants, except for the strawberry planter and sandy soil planter.  Seriously though, my garden is ridic and I love it.   Today I was riding home with 10 garlic stalks w/bulbs, a huge bouquet of yarrow and also one of stinging nettles, a bucket full of berries, thyme flowers and arugula.  I have to give away plants because of excess.  My neighbors get free produce on the regular.  Last week I got unexpectedly got something free from the snackbar that I have been hooking up, which was great!  Can not WAIT for the purple beans (favorite of 2016) and purple cherry tomatoes to grow.  This year is rally year for all the seeds/plants that failed in 2016, such as my off-the-chain Wrinkled Crinkled Cress.

Massive seeds on the left side of this planter.
Wrinkled Crinkled Cress in full bloom with a massive amount of seeds (left side) of Planter #7.

>>>>>>>>>click here to go to the .17 Plant Fam album in my Flickr.

Pesto with my newly harvested garlic.
My first garlic braid ever.  The stalks had rust issues but the bulbs were seemingly unaffected.
I eat marigold petals and sprouted mustard seeds with my sardine salad.
Ode to Opa, (featuring one of my homemade loaves.)
Yes, I have next level strawberries — WHITE w/RED seeds!!! The Pineberry.
New anti-theft security measure.
You will know it is the Garden of Destiny by the 4-leafed clovers.
Baby asparagus makes teeny tiny stalks. So kyewttttt.
Peep the technique.


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