Motivation Nation

Hello again my friends.  “Motivation Nation” is a little catch phrase I tell myself when ramping up my motivation levels.  This past week was filled with a lot of biking to and from the wall, intermingled with some painting, bbqing, approving posters, coloring, gardening and administrative things.

The goal of the week was to go paint at least a little something five days out of seven, which was accomplished.  Friday night, the plastic baggie with my mini rollers disappeared (found again on Sunday) and I forgot to feed my cat apparently.  Saturday morning her food tower was overturned as to get to every last morsel.  Oops!  Hard work comes at a price sometimes.  In addition to painting, the smaller test print for posters was utilized to test the silver inlay color combo (see below).

Also dealt with some random crappy graffiti in the tunnel this week, which I quickly painted over.  It was very nice of them to do it in easy places to fix.  Thank you for not being total jerks.  I realize as the tunnel progresses, there may be some graffiti artists annoyed at the lack of places to paint in this town.  How much is one of those security tower things they use for construction?

Some additional security would be great, as it is my opinion that the tunnel is far better without the addition of balls and penises painted into the theme.

Silver inlay color test #1

Also of note this week, Arial the 3-legged cat, a curious carrot and swan fam.

Prep Album (in my Flickr account).<<<<<<<<<<click

Tunnel Photos (in my Flickr account).<<<<<<<<<<<<click

BBQing face

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