happy little trees and posters

Greetings online world!  Some updates for ya…

Framed posters of the Vermeer letters will be available soon at the paint store: Verbeek “De Goedkoope Verf Winkel” at 9 Beestenmarkt in Delft.  The posters have been dropped off and waiting for the news that the custom framing is done.

Pic to show size of posters in real life.


screenshot_20170731-233614png_36254836306_oPainting happy little trees!

Bob Ross is just so soothing to watch when I get home from painting.  Considering how infrequently brushes have been utilized in my previous murals (mostly spray paint usually) — it is fun learning new tips and tricks.  A few things have been tested already, including the puddle and tiny tree techniques.  The main tree was painted before my Bob Ross kick started.  Going to add some more trees, layers and depth to the tunnel landscape, but many of the main elements are in there now.  Bob also introduced me to the use of a knife for painting, instead of a brush.  This is how I did the puddle and bark on the trees.  Going to rock the knife more often!

The main goal is to make the most interesting mural out of a very low, long wall.  The composition needs to be broadened to include more elements — maybe some shimmery water will make it’s way into the picture soon.  And more happy little trees!!!!  Basically – just go hard in the paint.

>>>>>>>>>Photos of work in progress.<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>Prep Album – with the reference photos, mockups and all that is prep.<<<<<

This is what I have been painting to for a month long — NorCal Bass Hippy Music compiled by Jason Burruss.
Here is one example of a fantastic chill bass hippy mix from Jason –

Lastly I took it upon myself to find some funny Bob Ross memes to share with ya’ll…

Let’s remember, “No mistakes, just happy accidents.” (Bob Ross)


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Instead of a selfie, here is Bob’s son Steve and his glorious golden mullet.




P.S. Featured pic — Ariel the 3-legged wonder cat




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