This one or that one?

This one (mockup) has the letters LUCY in the trees/fences.


This is where i left off.


This one is a carefully crafted composition, which was the best mockup before the letters idea.
The almighty DIY palette knife, my new favorite painting tool/toy.

Greetings online friends.  Some of you already received emails pertaining to this burning question of the week.  Just thought I would post it and get some more responses.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOO on the fence about this.  Please leave a comment below if you would like to put your opinion into the mix.

Sneaky letters or composition?

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“Sippin’ on gin n juice” Delft style in the antique store.






2 thoughts on “This one or that one?

    1. I like the lettering idea, I just have a little trouble with the C in the rendering, if the bottom of the C was a branch instead of running along the ground, maybe broken pointing to the y. I do like the lettering Idea, basically the C is to weak right now. Nice overall though. Is it winter in Delft?


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