Winter Update is so much goodness

Hello my internet family!

It is time once again for an update.


Most importantly, thank you to Maarten at Nielsen Gerlach-Art Gallery in Delft for presenting a LLvD display this month to assist in promoting the upcoming Vermeer themed tunnel.  In case it is not obvious —

YOU CAN PICK THE AMOUNT TO PAY FOR A GRAFFITI POSTER!!!!!  Only a low minimum amount is required.  The rest is up to you!!!! This is practically unheard of so make the most of it!

outside_ very final
tri-fold brochure outside, Lucy photo by Pearle Delft
inside_very final
tri-fold brochure, inside

Tri-fold brochures made utilizing

New graffiti “pencil” sketch


Exactly (1) can of Mystic Black, which is a transparent paint, by Montana.  Sketching with one can is my favorite thing right now.

New 3D panel – “Graffiti Is My Boyfriend”

>>>>>>>>>>link to flickr album with all the photos<<<<<<<<<<<


Vermeer Sketch – new color mock-up

Acrylic, ink and paint pen on print of pencil sketch

This is a hand-painted print of the original pencil sketch.  I also got a couple of prints made of this if anyone is interested in donating to “Visions of Johannes: Vermeer Tunnel” and receiving one as a thank you.  This will be on display in a double glass frame soon in the gallery and available for purchase/donation.

And lastly the Tunnel Updates

The landscape of the tunnel has been really shaping up.  There are some parts that I am really proud of, but this is maybe my favorite so far:


>>>>>>>>>>link to flickr album – Chico Mendes Tunnel<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>link to flickr album – Chico Mendes Tunnel PREP<<<<<<<<<<<<

Clearly, I mean business in an outfit like this.

Thanks for reading my blog.  To keep in touch — scroll wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down to “GET CONNECTED” and leave your contact info for email updates.





24956793118_eff52eff7c_zP.S. Happy Sinterklaas from the cat.

OK – one more thing – if you want to listen to some next level bass selections, peep my Soundcloud likes.


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