Delft: Winter Wonderland!!!

Greetings to all you snow bunnies out there!


Garden of Destiny – yes, still!

Just want to start off with showing off the greenery which the Garden of Destiny provides in the middle of December in a snowstorm.  Ah yes, ain’t that fresh?

>>> link to .17 Garden of Destiny photo album



Lichtjes Avond in Delft

Last night was Lichtjes Avond in Delft, aka Evening of Lights.  Apparently, there was a whole section I missed, called Delft Light, so unfortunately the more artistic stuff was accidentally skipped over.  Nevertheless, ate some delicious food from the vendors and had an interesting jaunt about the town.  It was packed and it did not rain.  There was one notable creative type of installation which was impressive on one of the back streets with projection art.

That White Stuff and so much of it.

Last but not least — the snow photo extravaganza!  One thing I so wanted to share is the anti-slip “string on the shoes” idea.  It really did work for added traction.  Not trying to wreck myself on ice ever again.  Please feel free to adopt this idea for yourself.  The bottom needs to have a crisscross configuration to make a knot(s) in the middle.


>>>link to entire album on Flickr.

These are some of my favorites:

Reminder — December is my fundraiser at Nielsen Gerlach-Art, Hof van Delft.

Very low minimums, €10 L (133cm long) and €12 XL (176.5cm long) = POSTER!

These are nice posters that you can feasibly hang outside because they are made out of waterproof, anti-rip type material.  The people who show interest now, in the beginning of my Delft artistic experience, will always be the Revered Ones, as in held in the highest esteem and given priority.

Ri’ thur.

img_20171210_131603602_27184821529_oThanks again for reading my blog.  To GET CONNECTED scroll wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down to the appropriate button to leave your email address for updates.

Stay warm!  The tunnel painting will commence again shortly, weather permitting.




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