Because unicorns do actually rule!


At long last, my first graffiti wall since September 2015. No comment. But I was interested in painting a black unicorn since about that time, so it seemed logical to start with it. The background I did with mostly a big fat paint brush and a bit of spray paint.

The artist, Eternal-Dream-Art on Deviant art, I had asked permission from a long time ago, but since deleting my social medias, don’t really have a way to get in touch with her to show the final result. Hers is better, I will throw that in there. Needless to say still am happy with the result. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, but then that is the nature of legal painting spots that everyone shares.

For those that want to peruse the entire process, which is extensive, here is my Flickr album with all the photos.

We all have our own definition of what a unicorn means to us. It could be a horse with a horn, or the purest of hearts and souls. I prefer the latter.

***A selection from what I was listening to whilst painting.***

Initial inspiration from Eternal-Dreamer.
Sunny pic of my piece.
Proof that the boys in my neighborhood love unicorns. hehe
Here’s me on the King’s birthday rockin the dutch steez.

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