The Lone Wolf Wall

Yes, my friends…

…a new wall!


These letters were a practice in lines and using a minimal amount of colors but blending them to create shadows and color nuances. Colors: Himalaya, Ultramarine, Dark Indigo and Cola (Montana paint).

New photo right before sundown. Love the colors more like this!

I went from left to right, one letter at a time.


Instead of spending hours to make the wolf just perfect, it was accomplished relatively quick and loose with brushes.





In other news relating to the wall, this cheeky duck bit my finger.









…And lastly I learned about Cinnabar Moths.

“Cinnabar moth caterpillar42117451774_b1b42b3fe3_z

With its yellow-and-black-striped body, the cinnabar moth’s caterpillar looks as if it’s wearing a rugby jersey. It’s a warning colour, as the caterpillar, like the adult moth, is distasteful to birds. These caterpillars are ragwort specialists and play an important role in controlling this most hated of our native flowering plants, gaining their toxicity from the poisonous alkaloids sequestered from ragwort. Rapacious eaters, they will even turn cannibal if hungry. The day-flying cinnabar moth is one of 30 insect species entirely dependent on ragwort. (Caterpillar Guide)

To those who want to dig deeper into the artist psyche — >>>>check out my Flickr album with more photos of this wall, such as the reference pics.



That satisfied look tho.

Here’s me after I finished and got home.

Thank you to the sweet neighborhood graffiti writers that let my wall run long enough to get a decent photo.

* Update 28 October, 2018 – It’s still runnin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100x thx

Love, Lucy


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