The Face of The Man

Happy New Year Netizens!

I thought it would fun to show everyone the progression of my painting the face of the man in Vermeer’s Glass of Wine. (Especially since the beginning was going so terrible.)

Mine looks nothing like the Vermeer version, but I like mine better now. To compare, here is Vermeer’s version first:

Screenshot from 2019-01-03 12-33-34.png


On my projects page, there are updated progression photos and links to albums. The title of this piece I have been mulling over since 2017. It is actually another version of “IF insert artist name here WROTE GRAFFITI”, but with this tunnel another title has struck my fancy…


The title came to me whilst I was listening to Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna”. It has pretty interesting lyrics, but mainly it was because it encompasses the fact that this tunnel is reflecting a Vermeer dream state. Dream states allow for a lot more “artistic license”.

Currently finishing the Vermeer letters, so stay tuned for the next update soon!

These need to be more matchidy.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you would like to ramp up your enthusiasm, feel free to scroll wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down to “GET CONNECTED” and provide your email address for automatic updates.


Here’s me over the holidays. Livin’ that best life!

Love, Lucy


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