Lucky Lucy van Delft is an extension of the name, “Lucky Lucy” I choose for myself in the winter of 2006, a year after I started writing graffiti. It started in Pueblo, CO on a road trip when I picked up my first can to discover my handwriting was the same with a can as a pencil. It felt totally doable. I was hooked and went back to Hollywood, CA with a new mission in life: To be the best that I can at something and have some fantastic art projects to show for myself before I die, whenever that may be.

Graffiti is the ultimate life goal for a creative overachiever person with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and the will to succeed; every wall needing to be better than the last. Graffiti has a foundation based on letters, color, style, background, creativity and pure level of mastery. Studies have been done to make a strong case for it taking ten years and/or 10,000 hours to become an expert. 2015 was that benchmark and expert is a rather lofty word, but doesn’t detract from the fact I really have accomplished a lot and come very far from the first spray.

foto shoot: Akbar Simonse

“Van Delft” recently made it’s way into existence in 2015, with the realization that this wandering soul has finally found the place that truly feels like home in Delft, Netherlands. I moved to Delft on September 1, 2013 to a tiny one room studio in the middle of the centrum, around the corner from where famous Dutch master Vermeer had his studio. It took a year and two months to achieve this goal after moving back from the USA to Europe, but a lifetime actually to realize the victory. Life for me is meant to be experienced as a Dutch painter because I’ve always been Dutch.  Here is the story which showed me that’s exactly what I’m doing… The Royal Delft Plates Story…


1974:  Born in Den Haag, NL

1979:  Moved to USA

1997:  Moved to New York, NY (USA)

1998: Moved to Los Angeles, CA (USA)

2003:  Graduated college

2003 – 2006:  Owner, Gallery Domingo (click here for blog post about ARTHSLR)



  • Started writing graffiti (summer).
  • Wrote different names that weren’t quite right.
  • Lived in Hollywood, CA.
The very first lines.  “HSLR”, Summer 2005

2006:  Picked the name Lucky Lucy

2006:  4-month adventure in Northern California with the dream to convert my diesel truck to run on waste vegetable oil.  Mission accomplished, which inspired me to write “Cold Truck Was My Bed Last Night”.

2009:  Moved to Chicago, IL (USA)

2011:  Started traveling internationally for graffiti

2012:  Moved to the Netherlands, Europe

2013:  Moved to Delft

Victory photo making it to Basel, Switzerland in 2011 unexpectedly.

Curriculum Vitea




Dali Wall Lucy
My masterpiece, “IF DALI WROTE GRAFFITI” (Crawford Steel, Chicago 2012)


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Etc – Just for fun

Chicago was a fantastic place to live at the height of the dubstep craze.  While living there, I started an online exchange with various producers/musicians/djs – arwork in exchange for Lucky Lucy tracks.  This is Ras Om’s “Lucky Lucy’s a Wall Killer”, one of my favorites.

Soundcloud link to the rest of the songs and soundbytes.


Here is the #1 celeb shot — Rusko with one of my DUBSTEP stickers on his laptop.  Thanks Erykah!

One song that has nothing to do with me,  yet quite resonates without fail every time, Aesop Rock’s “No Regrets”:

(photo credit for Girl with the Pearl: Pearle eyeglasses store (Delft) 2017)

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