One day when I’m dead and gone, the things I want to be remembered by is that I did my best, gave a shit and that I found a gun in Vermeer’s View of Delft.



Here is my previous bio about starting graffiti.


1974:  Born in Den Haag, NL

1979:  Moved to USA

1997:  Moved to New York, NY (USA)

1998: Moved to Los Angeles, CA (USA)

2003:  Graduated college

2003 – 2006:  Owner, Gallery Domingo (click here for blog post about ARTHSLR)



  • Started writing graffiti (summer).
  • Wrote different names that weren’t quite right.
  • Lived in Hollywood, CA.
The very first lines.  “HSLR”, Summer 2005

2006:  Picked the name Lucky Lucy

2006:  4-month adventure in Northern California with the dream to convert my diesel truck to run on waste vegetable oil.  Mission accomplished, which inspired me to write “Cold Truck Was My Bed Last Night”.

2009:  Moved to Chicago, IL (USA)

2011:  Started traveling internationally for graffiti

2012:  Moved to the Netherlands, Europe

2013:  Moved to Delft

2017: Started Visions of Johannes, 100+ meters of handpainted murals in the form of a bike tunnel in Delft.

Meeting of Styles, Wiesbaden, Germany 2011
Most victorious wall of my life.

Curriculum Vitea




Dali Wall Lucy
My first masterpiece, “IF DALI WROTE GRAFFITI” (Crawford Steel, Chicago 2012)

happiness coordinator card front

  • Founder: Volunteer Neighborhood Happiness Coordinators Initiative (Delft)
  • Kunstenbond Artist Advocates – A union of artists from all disciplines; making real things happen for the future prospects of our occupation. – new member!
  • Landvanons – Proud owner of land! Cooperative Land Trust in the Netherlands. – new member!
  • Woonbond.nl – National Renters Association in the Netherlands – new member!
  • International Conglomeration of Pains in the Asses Society– Working diligently to be as annoying as possible to right the wrongs of the world.


Etc – Just for fun

Chicago was a fantastic place to live at the height of the dubstep craze.  While living there, I started an online exchange with various producers/musicians/djs – arwork in exchange for Lucky Lucy tracks.  This is Ras Om’s “Lucky Lucy’s a Wall Killer”, one of my favorites.

Soundcloud link to the rest of the songs and soundbytes.


Here is the #1 celeb shot — Rusko with one of my DUBSTEP stickers on his laptop.  Thanks Erykah!

One song that has nothing to do with me,  yet quite resonates without fail every time, Aesop Rock’s “No Regrets”:

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