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.17 Not Walls (Not My Name)

>>>.17  Royal Delft Factory Tiles

>>>.17 Wijkboord – Neighborhood Plate Series.

>>>.17 Tiny Delft historic neighborhood pic on broken pipe.

>>>.16 Not Walls

(See Not My Name below for Delft study and “Graffiti is My Boyfriend”)

>>>.15 Not Walls

>>>.14 Not Walls

>>>.13 Not Walls

>>>.12 and Earlier: Not Walls

.12  3D Development

>>>Not My Name

.16  Graffiti Is My Boyfriend

.16  DELFT study

.12 Bodhi Tree 3D vinyl

.11 “Shorty” drawing

.11 – .09 Crimes of Passion Series

.09 “Anishinabe” drawing