.15 Not Walls


Sketches and Creative Projects:


3D version of Lucy Nouveau poster

 3D Lucy Nouveau

[3D version of Lucy Nouveau poster] 65 hours of cutting, snipping foam sticky snips, coloring the sides of every piece, and attaching everything in layers on top of each other.  A skill learned from the 3D greeting cards my Oma (grandma) used to make, but WAY more intense.


Crystal Frog in Crystal Menagerie Tree

Crystal Menagerie Tree

[Interior design element] Real Italian pink magnolia branches adorned with Swarovski crystal figurines.


Something Extra photoshoot

Something Extra Photoshoot

There are times when you just have to go outside of your comfort zone.  No regrets as it was super fun in such a fancy get-up at the costume store in Delft (Something Extra).


LL1 Mesdag Egg with Royal Delft Mesdag Plate

Flickr album: .15 Not Walls

Online collection from 2015 of photos of creative projects other than walls.



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