Chronicles 2015: Royal Delft Plates

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Nederlandse versie!!! Het Verhaal van de Royal Delft Borden blog post.

Date:Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 21:49
Subject:The Story of the Royal Delft Plates

The Story of the Royal Delft Plates starts off with a pin… Well, that’s what I walked into the shop (Antiques from Delft) to buy. I envisioned having a Delft oriented pin to go with my outfit I felt I needed to wear to an important upcoming work meeting. All of a sudden, I see this plate and it beckons to me. I immediately start to think about how awesome it would be to have an authentic Delft plate of my own… I am drawn to this plate…. but it doesn’t have a border, I kind of want one with a border. Then, I see a windmill one with a fancy border; that is THE quintessential windmill, next to the stormy plateI capture pics of both.

What initially inspired me to move to the Netherlands was my experience in Mauritshuis (Den Haag) standing next to: “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer.  Thinking to myself: ‘I am surrounded by my peers. I come from this tiny land with this amazing history of unbelievably gifted artists, and you know what, I feel we kind of have the same style too even. I see myself as drawing like this; it feels familiar even. I have to experience life in the Netherlands with my Dutch artist peers, walk the same streets, look at the same sky.’ And so began the final push across the ocean, which ended up taking until June of 2012 to be fully realized

Later, I remember, I did a sketch of a stormy sea with a boat… that’s why i like this plate; It feels symbolic to my journey. I look up the sketch in my online archives. Next to the sketch of the boat was another sketch for the same commission. Lo and behold: it’s a windmill. The parallels floor me…that is my destination….after the journey… that’s what I was goin’ for… so I have to get both plates.

This was already starting to feel profound, yet this is just the beginning. I go back the store to buy the plates and I begin getting acquainted with the owners. They end up being some of the coolest people I’ve met; one is American so it feels like home, plus they gave me a sweet deal on my purchase.

I get home and cry my face off. This feels SO BIG, so I send my friend the pictures of plates on the messaging app: Whatsapp. He responds: “That looks like my family”. Me: “Say what?… It’s a Mesdag plate.” “Yes”,  he then fills me on the fact he is directly related to Mesdag. This means that my friend that I buy paint from, highly respect, consider one of the best writers in the Netherlands; is actually related to this Master Artist I already feel connected to.

I ended up sending the pictures to another friend of mine. He says: “oh you should go to the panorama of this artist in Scheveningen.” I revealed that I went there in 2008, during the same visit that inspired me to move here. I have the whole painting on a flyer hanging next to my toilet! I didn’t realize that it was the same artist, Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

I gazed upon this plate and thought to myself; “Wow. I totally am doing it 100% and didn’t even know it.  An offspring of a Dutch Master is already my close friend. I’m back to the roots official. My artist peers roots run deep.” It’s truly one of the most beautifully victorious moments of my entire life.

Things are coming together, things are happening.   It’s so validating to me that after all that I have endured; I feel I have arrived. I am exactly on point; where I need to be in my life. I found the flag. I am so blessed.