Curriculum Vitea: Artist

Exhibitions (Artist)

Meeting of Styles

“Since the foundation of International Meeting Of Styles back in 2002 more than 250 events have been realised worldwide, attracting more than 500.000 spectators and thousands of artists throughout the world. MOS brings people together, creates publicity, supports the netting and enables intercultural cross-boarder-cooperation. It is an example how a better world of tomorrow might be possible.” (from their website)  Participating in this event takes a lot of luck, some skills, some confidence, helpful connections and unbridled enthusiasm.  I’m really glad I got to experience that “victory feeling” a number of times, whatever the circumstances were bringing me to that point. Thank you so much to all those who gave me a place to stay in foreign countries and encouraged me to never give up.


Magdeburg, Germany (2014)


Wiesbaden (Mainz), Germany (2014)


Wiesbaden, Germany (2012)


Zurich, Switzerland (2012)


Wiesbaden, Germany (2011)


Zurich, Switzerland (2011)

Chicago, Illinois  USA (2011) also in the gallery exhibition


Chicago, Illinois  USA (2010)


San Diego, CA  USA (2005)

Group Exhibitions/Community Projects (Artist)

Fiets Tunnel Project – Student-driven Themes, Oldenzaal, Netherlands (2013)

Urban Art Expo – Group Exhibition, Punt Komma Gallery, Almelo, Netherlands (2013)

“Off The Wall”, Guest Judge – Juried Crew Battle, Seattle, WA (USA) 2012

Kansas City Painting Tour, Kansas City, MO  USA (2011)

Group Exhibition, Gallery 54B, Chicago, IL  USA (2010)

Meeting of Styles After Party, Gallery 54B, Chicago, IL  USA (2010)

Group Exhibition, Per Populus Gallery (Marcus Shadden, owner) curated by Erica Chatman – Chicago, IL USA (2010)

I.STILL.LOVE.HER, curated by Lady Gemstar, Chicago, IL USA (2010)

Group Exhibition curated by Shiro Fujioka, Upstairs Gallery, Mountain Bar, China Town, Los Angeles, CA (Dec. 10 – 11, 2008)

Notable Achievements:

Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Peer Reviewer, Grant Review Panel (small to midsized visual arts organizations) – December 2007.

Hollywood Arts Council – Board of Trustees (2005 – 2007)

Re:Vision –  Coordinated custom artwords (RETNA, Jay Brockman, Ricky Watts) created for the marketing material of this large, multi-faceted community “greening” project, which ultimately hit a wall ultimately down the road.  It was quite an impressive effort however and I admire the enthusiasm still to this day.  (San Francisco, CA,  Oct. 2006)

After-School Arts Program – Facilitated after-school art workshops for students (7th, 8th grade, Garvey & Temple, Garvey District, Woodcraft Rangers Program, Los Angeles, 2006 – 2007).  Most notable of this project was meeting a student, Peggie Lao, who is now almost 22 and studying to become a psychologist. Working on an associate degree in arts (child education – transfer) as well an associate degree in science (child development) and graduating in Spring 2017.  Then she is continuing to major in child development with a minor in psychology. I am so very proud of her.


Peggie Lao, former art club member of the Lucky Lucy after-school arts program through Woodcraft Rangers.

Elizabeth Learning Center collaborative mural with Jersey Joe – student project, Woodcraft Rangers project in Cudahy, CA (2006.)