Lucy Paints Delft

Started March 9th – Operation Vermeer Tunnel (Chico Mendes Tunnel) updates coming soon.



Delft is in dire need of an artistic makeover due to a large number of neglected or just plain boring walls.

Here is the first example of how I would like to beautify our town.  This is a very rough mockup of a mural featuring a piece of Delft history.  My interpretation of Vermeer’s “Little Street” painting would be stunning in this location (Achterom, Delft), both visible from the bike path, as well as the highway.

As many are aware, getting permission and/or funding is where the challenge lies past the vision.  Luckily, I love a challenge.  This page will be updated with more information as it arises.

Examples/Ideas – Lucy Paints Delft – Online album featuring inspirations, mockups, previous range of commissions/works.

Sun and Mist Study – Lighting is everything.  5:52 minutes of serene compositions of light and shadows; many of which would be a treat to paint in a large scale interpretation.



The value of a simple mural:

Tests and experiments are critical to my development as a painter.  Here is my test of what a landscape mural turns out like when painted quickly using leftover paint.  The color “chrome” (oddly enough) ended up being the favorite unexpected shiny hero in this one.

Normally I paint painstakingly slow with a great deal of attention focused on details and exact colors, but I was already doing that on a large project during the week so it felt great to do the opposite here.  That, my friends, is how we grow.  A simple mural also has merits.


Original reference photo of Crater Lake in Oregan was from


Snowy Landscape on the side of the notorious “Freehouse” in Oakpark, IL (2012).