The Garden of Destiny

Garden of Destiny – July 2016


Updated photo: 12-May-2016 – #2 is getting a rebuild and then #7 & #9 to go.

Blogpost: Reorganized the albums.

Blogpost: Garden Life is heating up!

Blogpost: The Garden of Destiny Has Begun!

The Garden of Destiny is my little slice of heaven located in Stichting Groenkracht‘s experimental permaculture community garden (PROEFtuin) in Delft.

It is made of collapsible pallet edge based boxes, and a few other items to create sub-irrigated garden systems.  No, I had never done this before but I felt compelled to get involved with something important and built it.  I learned how to use Sketchup and first created a 3D model of my design. Follow my journey…

 The Garden of Destiny Photos

These are my personal links regarding this project for growing season 2016 and my first sub-irrigated, raised-bed planters, (all nine of them).

Garden of Destiny – Engineering and Construction

Garden of Destiny – General Photos

Garden of Destiny – Plant Fam

Garden of Destiny – Strictly Sprouting

Garden of Destiny – Dirt Science

  • Garden Planning App – Zukeeni – highly recommend
  • Sustainable Seed Co. – I was overzealous and imported my seeds from Cali.  Huge carbon footprint guilt afterwards so I will have to go closer to home next time.  As far as an amazing company, they are pretty much on point in every way.
  • – where I got my pond liner, and a few other things.  They were above and beyond excellent and helpful.
  • – just tell them you want the same as Lucy’s Garden of Destiny and they will definitely know.
  • Joosten Kunststoffen – closest place to buy drainage tubes.  These you can get anywhere.

 End of week 1 – March 13, 2016


First day – Wednesday, March 5, 2016

 Day 1

Interesting Garden/Engineering Projects


Sub-irrigated Planters (S.I.P.)

Dew/Fog Catchers


Garden Inspiration

Garden Community Information